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A handmade wooden sign with a frame made from pre-loved materials. All wood, with a variety of wording in vinyl lettering and sealed with an acrylic varnish.


A handmade wooden sign with a frame made from reclaimed scaffold boards. After being cut on all sides, they're still not perfect and may have small splits, holes, rough patches etc. They have mitred corners which are glued and V-nailed for strength. Then a water based, colour wash stain of your choice is applied before getting another light sanding and a little distressing.
Please bear in mind that as these are reclaimed materials, different batches of wood accept the stains in different ways.


The back board:
The back board is made from 3.6mm ply wood. After cutting to size, it's primed and painted with an off white acrylic paint. The vinyl lettering is applied and the backboard is treated to a coat of acrylic varnish to bind it all together.


The hardware:
As standard, the frames come with no hanging hardware fitted. They're quite happy free standing or leaning against something but if you want to hang or stand your sign up, you'll need to select some additional hardware.
One or two sawtooth hangers will allow you to hang your sign on a screw or nail. Mirror fixings so you can screw it to a door or wall. A picture stand for that jaunty angle. D rings and cord for hanging on the supplied picture hook and triangle hangers for hanging on a couple of nails or screws.
Just go to "Frame Hardware" in the shop, select the hardware you want and It'll be fitted for you.


You can select the frame and text colours where there is an option. The backboard is off white.

Handmade wooden sign from reclaimed timber. It's Not Shit, It's Rustic!.

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